Viral Video नशे में टल्ली ये लड़की कार में कर रही थी गंदी हरकत

Since then, my voice has been hit on the social media ( मेरे रसके कमर), since then everyone is showing this song as trying on it. Everyone is dancing on this song in a new way. This song has been hit on the social media so much so that more than three crore people have seen it so far, then everyone will try this song on their own. The extent has been done when the girl danced on the song in a state of intoxication by putting a shameful dance.

As you can see in the inside of the car, liquor and hookah cocktails you have not seen before. Let me tell you, this song has been sung by Rahat  Fateh Ali Khan, who is a famous Qawali singer from Pakistan. This song has been remixed so many times that it seems difficult to count it. Everyone has this song in their own style. Presenting is done when the girls appear to be doing shameful acts on such a beautiful song. A few days earlier, there was a lot of controversy on this song, before such a shameful dance car was viral on social media, which had a lot of controversy.

Which was being told to the Gulmahar Corps, later it turned out to be wrong. It has not been known yet where the video was shot, and who is this girl who is doing a shameful dance on this song. Nowadays, the youth are attracted to the western civilization and are getting attracted to it very fast, due to which people have started doing such work, which was embarrassing, after the arrival of this video, this video was fiercely on social media. Criticizing everyone is sharing this video on social media.




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